Can I make a group booking?

Yes! For groups with 11 or more guests, we are required to work with our lounge partners to confirm the booking*. (If your group is 10 or less simply make two separate reservations with 5 guests on each booking.) Please note the only payment method accepted is American Express.

To arrange a group booking please send an email to with the following information:

  1. On what date and approximate time would your group like to access the lounge?
  2. Please provide the groups arriving airline and flight number.
  3. Please provide the groups departing airline and flight number.
  4. At what airport and terminal does your group need lounge access? If you have a specific lounge in mind, please let us know the name of the lounge as well.
  5. Is your group looking to access the lounge on departure, on a layover, or on arrival?
  6. For how long (in hours) would your group like to enjoy lounge access?
  7. Please provide the first and last name of the primary guest entering the lounge.
  8. Are there any children in your group and what are their ages on the travel date?

*Please note we require at least 2 weeks notice to assist with group bookings


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