What is LoungeBuddy?

LoungeBuddy is an airport lounge booking platform that allows you to reserve access into airport lounges regardless of your elite status, lounge memberships, or class of service. Please note, we do not own or operate any of the lounges on our platform. You can also view lounge photos, read customer reviews, and find details about the lounges on our app or website.  

If you have complimentary access into lounges based on a credit card, your ticket class, or a lounge membership, you can download the free LoungeBuddy app for iPhone to find lounges you have access to. Simply add your access items from the Settings page, create a trip from the Trips page, and start viewing lounges in the airports you will be traveling though to see if you have access! In addition to discovering what lounges you can access for free with your access methods, you can also write a lounge review or submit photos that will be shared with other LoungeBuddy customers. 

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