Is LoungeBuddy compatible with TripIt? If so, how can I import my trip details?

Yes! If you already have all of your trips loaded into TripIt, transferring the relevant information over to LoungeBuddy is easy. From the Home Screen, swipe right to access the Trip Screen. Then, tap on the “Add a Trip” button. Select "Import" and then “TripIt – Trip Sync”, and follow the instructions to integrate your account. You can also access TripIt by tapping on the “Integrations” button on the Settings Screen.

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    Daniel Lamblin

    On the Android app, after not signing up but confirming an email address, this option doesn't seem to be anywhere. Swiping on the home screen only brings a search of airlines.

    BTW searching the credit cards by name also gave no results even for searches like "citi" or "hsbc"

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    Hi Daniel, to view our Android FAQ, please click here. With regards to the credit card search, please tap on the relevant headers (e.g. VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS) to see the search results.

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