What are lounges doing to maintain a safe environment during this time?

The lounge experience you are used to may feel a little different now. And while we aren't able to speak to each lounge’s preventative measures, we have seen that in general, many lounges are taking important steps to reduce the risk of infection and create a safe experience for all guests and employees. A few examples of new measures being implemented include:

  • Requirements for lounge staff to wear masks and/or gloves
  • Requirements for guests to wear masks
  • Reduced capacity with blocked or removed seating
  • Accessible disinfectant dispensers throughout the lounge
  • Frequent cleaning schedules 
  • Protective glass at reception desks
  • Magazines and newspapers may no longer be available
  • Pre-packaged food and one-time use utensils/condiments
  • Informative signs and floor markers to allow for social distancing 
  • Body temperature checks or health screen forms may be required before entering a lounge
  • Reduced operating hours due to new flight schedules
  • HEPA filtration systems
  • Dedicated attendants to assist guests with their food selection
  • Closure of shower facilities, smoking areas, children’s play areas, and other high-risk amenities

Please remember to check with your airline to learn of any COVID related changes they may have introduced to keep everyone safe!

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